Regions or Smart Cities

You would like to expand your culture of efficiency and creativity in order to develop attractiveness and promote economic development.

Solutions you are looking for in your strategic plan:

  • Defining and maintaining a specific objective (a macroeconomic activities management tool for managing Innovations projects)
  • Developing creativity, open or collaborative innovation, citizen participation, social entrepreneurship (process and creativity tools)
  • Predicting the future with cutting-edge technologies (Big Data / Artificial Intelligence)
  • Fighting against congestion in cities and using geomatics / multimodal transport in order to promote Intelligent Transportation
  • Establishing International Partnerships with clusters, cities or other European or North American regions
Alsago conducted various missions for Regions, Clusters or Cities and would like to recommend some of their processes of innovation, technology, governance and preparation for the future in order to better manage complexity and the decades to come.

If you need to discuss about your needs and challenges, contact us.

Institutions & Economic Development

Combining the creative functions of innovative and International companies, the foundation of French, Canadian and American regions, we bring big players to the table such as governments, institutions and major corporations. Finally, as part of the Alsago platform, respecting the principles of innovation, we have close associations with universities and I.T. clusters. So we are at the source of information and decision-making centers. With experience and knowledge of these customers, we work primarily in a best practices approach to the market. A business advisor is essential to us as part of a team that offers the best choice of location.
See Implementation phase
Here are the three main sectors that we offer:

Search for Investors

The French regions, Canadian provinces, and U.S. states seeking to attract new investors to encourage job creation and economic development. Alsago can promote an area of specific events or tasks in the medium term in order to build a trusting relationship with an exclusive partnership over time.

Economic Partnership

Alsago can promote exchanges between regions of different countries to increase economic partnerships and alliances.

Partnership with the Competitiveness Cluster

Alsago can encourage exchanges and partnerships between different clusters to combine expertise in areas of science and policy along innovation lines.