As an important ordering institution, you are continuously seeking for new solutions in order to improve your efficiency, your creativity as well as having mature innovative solutions at your disposal to grow and maintain your status of leader.

With Alsago Innovation Platform benchmarking mature innovations, you can choose solutions that have been tested by corporations and incorporate them to the following universal and essential sectors :

Predicting the future to head in the right direction

Big Data/Artificial Intelligence: Prediction analysis (crimes in cities, malicious behaviours, human factors, financial and commercial results, effective plans, solutions to prevent diseases such as cancer…)

Ask for a demonstration or a pilot project regarding the challenge you are facing. 

Defining a path and maintaining strategic planning goal settings

Agile governance (software package engineering workshop for managers and CEOs): management solutions for large companies, management of the company’s capacity, anticipation of obstacles such as budget overspending, delays or changes in resources or funds attribution, interdisciplinary management of internal and external activities, insertion of strategic plans in the tool, integration of decision making process such as ITIL, COSO, COBIT, ISO 26 000…, interaction with other tools, time management, integrated business intelligence… ability to justify decisions in the board of directors with consolidated tables and not Excel spreadsheets…

So many companies and institutions are unable to follow, manage and execute their strategic plans…

Ask for a demonstration or a pilot project regarding the challenge you are facing.

Develop Creativity with Open Innovation

Open Innovation: solutions and processes in Open Innovation to develop your creativity and capacity to develop profitable new concepts, profitable solutions or technologies with the right economic model. Varying the type of interlocutors to better conceive your entry on a market. From Society Innovation to Citizen Involvement or even Social Entrepreneurship.

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Geomatics and Intelligent Transportation

Geomobility-Multimodal Transportation: solutions and processes to optimize the best paths to set for users and individual itineraries taking into account the plurality of transportation modes. Geolocalisation and geomarketing solutions allow calculating the best route to take and enhancing traffic fluidity. Use geomatics to be part of the solutions to relieve city congestion.

Ask us if you want a product demonstration applied to a geomatic issue 


You want to develop patients or health professionals training with new efficient media such as serious gaming, in order to convince hospitals or the pharmaceutical industry to take the plunge. If you want to offer solutions to train more people in the least amount of time, contact us. 

Security – Defense

You would like to keep in touch with the latest solutions regarding security and defense for telecommunications in order to find solutions to the business needs of your clients. We have the possibility to help you, thanks to our clients and partners.

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Agribusiness and Logistics

Cold chain tracking. You would like to provide your clients with tracking solutions regarding temperatures (hot or cold), from manufacturers to distributors.

To require a test demonstration and check the observance of goods temperature, contact us. 

Developing Leadership Managers

You are President or General Manager, Vice President and head a team of at least 10 people in a small business or a large group. You would like to join a group in order to rejuvenate and help you making progress to advance your company or team. We invite you to discover the APM (Association for Management Progress, with 6500 leading members around the world and more than 350 international experts). The first club of North America was established in Montreal in September 2014 and more clubs are being created in the area. The goal is to gather cohorts of fifteen leaders once a month through high-level and pragmatic themes while developing self-help and solutions approach to help members to overcome their obstacles ! For more information, please see our APM section or contact us.