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Alsago Entrepreneurs, since 2008, we have participated in the development of more than 200 innovative companies, smart cities, associations, technology integrators or strategic directions of major groups.

Our vocation with our 4 phases Selection-Adaptation-Integration-Implementation is to combine networks:

– Exploration and Experimentation
– Marketing, R & D and Financing

Alsago Entrepreneurs is:

  • Create the path : create the best possible version for implementation
  • Know how to become : decelerate to understand before accelerating when it is time
  • Driving in Uncertainty: matching the predictable / matrix and the random / organic

ALSAGO and branchs :

  • BECOMING ELSEWHERE Entrepreneurs : Innovatives companies (Business, R-D, Investments, Implantation in Canada) – pooledinnovationplatform.com
  • BECOMING ELSEWHERE Recruitment : Recruitment (Cyber / AI /Data) – devenirailleurs.com
  • EALSAGO : Ecommerce website and entepreneurship – ealsago.com
  • ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT : Helping REGIONS and smart cities between Europe and Canada to develop a common future around Innovation – Current project : cqtnc.com

Olivier Perrin – Founder

The DNA of an Exploration Company

To sell, you must understand the culture of your chosen target country, to understand the difference between its products and the target market, adapt, and modify your strategy to move forward with confidence, which then translates into sales.

A team that does not explore the many possibilities is less likely to think outside the box and find a new solution as well. The systems that enhance efficiency with the fewest errors will nip the process of exploration in the bud.

Robert Poulos, Rotman School of Management

University of Toronto


These companies cultivate empathy for their clients, which help them to recognize a good opportunity when it arises.


They are not afraid to take the time to find the right solution.


They reward the learning, not only the result.

Team Work

They rely on teamwork, rather than solo performances.


They use the services of a Hybrid Thinker, who manages to identify necessary components from several areas.

Also, in Alsago, we target both paths to understand how to get results and the results themselves in order to be able to reproduce them.

The Canadian Attraction

  • Canada, Number #1 in the world as the best business destination* and is in 10th position in the rank of the G7 for its positive trade balance. *according to Forbes, 2011
  • A new country and privileged relations with Europe with an open mind to the world. Privileged relations with France for Quebec, cosmopolitan market
  • Top areas at a global scale. Aerospace, Energy, Health, Information Technology, Digital, Video Games…
  • Montreal, ideal test city and North American capital for the operating costs of business. 2nd best North American city for business. One of the 3 world capitals in the field of Video Games or Aerospace.
  • Toronto, business queen city, the first urban center in the world (Mars Innovation, High-Tech Capital of Canada) and the first North American cluster of innovative companies (Markham) First North American city as the best destination for business, capitale canadienne High-Tech.
  • Ideal gateway for the North American market. Montreal and Toronto are in a day’s drive of a market of 100 million inhabitants
  • Clusters of Innovation and corporate venture capital are outstanding : Biotechnology, Food, Renewable Energy, clusters such as Toronto or Montreal – Canadian Digital Media, Greencenter Canada, Aero Montreal, Toronto Rehab Center…
  • Great economic incentives (tax credits) coupled with a R&D policy focused on Innovation
  • Language skills, engineering and exceptional sales (value for cost).
  • Standard of living and quality of life comparable Canada / USA
  • Toronto is the best city to live in the world according to The Economist

What about Montreal?

  • Second North American city (behind Toronto) as the best business destination
  • First North American city for operating costs
  • In the top 3 cities worldwide in the fields of Video Games and Aerospace
  • First North American city for the number of employees in IT (in proportion)
  • 1st French-speaking city after Paris in the world
  • Second Canadian English-speaking city after Toronto
  • Cosmopolitan and perfectly bilingual region – Cross fertilization between Europe and North America
  • Hundreds of head offices, national or international (Montreal, 3.6 million)
  • Natural gateway to Ontario (Toronto and Ottawa)
  • Strategic entry to the United States or NAFTA market (75% of exports)
  • 2nd best city to live in after Toronto (The Economist)
  • Montreal, one of the first city in the world to have an office dedicated to Smart City . Its ambition : make Montreal become from now to 2017 the first Innovative City of the world

Our Team

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Bradley Stock
Bradley StockDirector of EACC Rhône-Alpes Auvergne (European American Chamber of Commerce)
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Bertrand Walle
Bertrand WalleCEO of Walle & Associates
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Yves Paquette
Yves PaquetteCEO of Novipro
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Olivier Perrin
Olivier PerrinCEO of Alsago
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Advising Committee

Alexandre Abecassis
Alexandre AbecassisPatent Agent, Fasken & Martineau
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Romain Gagnon
Romain GagnonCEO of Fournée Inéwa
Food-processing conglomerate expert
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Robert Nastas
Robert NastasSCADA-MGI Management Groupe International
Industrial & Energy expert
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Brian Forget
Brian ForgetLawyer and President of Corpo Pro Legal Services
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Louis Garceau
Louis GarceauCEO of Brand Momentum / Solutions Éco-fitt
Sustainable development expert
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Sylvain Caron
Sylvain CaronSenior Director, BDO
Audit & management expert
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Elite Quebec
Elite QuebecContinuing Education for Engineering, Technology and Environment Leaders
Engineering Expert Advisor
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Louise Guay
Louise GuayPresident, Montreal Living Lab
Creativity and Open Innovation expert
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Strategic development

Olivier Perrin
Olivier PerrinCEO, Director Innovation & Strategies
(Canada/France : Gouvernance, Open Innovation, Artificial Intelligence)
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Amira Chebil
Amira ChebilIT Manager and Business Analyst
Business and IT Management
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Bertrand Walle
Bertrand WalleVP Ontario, Director Innovation & Strategies
(Ontario/France/South America, Cosmetics, Agroalimentary Industry, Nutraceutics)
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Bradley Stock
Bradley StockVP US/France
(Language Technologies, Geolocation)
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Yves Paquette
Yves PaquetteVP Canada/US
(Canada/US : IT & Technologies Integrator in Canada)
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Intellectual Property

Alexandre Abecassis
Alexandre AbecassisPatent Agent, Fasken & Martineau
Intellectual Protection for Technologies or Innovation Process
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Consulting Engineer in Innovation Financing, ‎F-INICIATIVAS
R&D Financing & Implementation Strategies
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Brian Forget
Brian ForgetLawyer and President of Corpo Pro Legal Services
Legal strategies for implementation
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Management & Audit

Sylvain Caron
Sylvain CaronSenior Director, BDO
Financial strategies for implementation
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Strategies and Finance

Thu-Hà Tô
Thu-Hà TôPresident, COGI-PME
Strategies e& Finance Expert
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Strategies and Taxation

Raphael Barchichat
Raphael BarchichatLawyer & Partner at PSB Boisjoli
Fiscal Implementation Strategies
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