Diagnosis Export Canada

Check your potential and have adequate financial resources.

Evaluation and Supply / Market Adequacy

Assess the compatibility of your product and measure any adaptation needs for the new market.

Marketing – Commercialization

Set targets and be operational to achieve them.

Valuation and Best Practices

Infrastructure, Recruitment, PI, R&D, Partners, Grants…

Alsago: Your integrator

Alsago is an integrator in innovation, from Europe to North America and back. Specifically, Alsago is intended as a business support structure before and during implementation to optimize the conditions for future success when the project/company is created.

Alsago is essentially intended for companies wishing to:

  1. Be expertly assisted in assessing and testing the Canadian market
  2. Not jeopardize their financial or organizational structurewith a minimum of risk and maximum capacity.

Alsago solutions to address these issues step by step includes :

  1. Analysis of the Offer (innovative company), Demand (referring to the foreign market) and their suitability
  2. Light implementation solutions enough to test the market (soft landing)
  3. Total implementation based on solid market information

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